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HOLI 2018 Date, Time and Celebration

HOLI 2018 Date, Time and Celebration

Holi is a dynamic festival of colors and each year it is witnessed during the beginning of spring season. This year on March 2, 2018 India will experience the festival of colors. The holi will start from the evening of March 1 and will continue till evening of March 2, 2018. The puja of Holi is prohibited to perform the bonfire of the Holika Dahan before the Sunset as that can be not really be the cause for bringing in a lot of misfortune in life. It must be performed on a specific time on the Purnima Tithi only after the Sunset.

Holi is celebrated with color and wet color. Holi is a festival of joy and it marks the win of good over evil. The perfect timing of performing the puja in Mumbai is 6:40 to 09:08. The timings for performing the puja in New Delhi is 6:16 to 8:47. Holi celebration in Mathura is a week-long celebration that takes place every year. Holi is a festival of colors and on this day people usually forgets all the evil things one has done and usually forgives the person. Every year this festival brings a lot of joy in one’s life. Holi marks the win of good things.

People in India will experience the festival with different colors. Each color has its own different special meaning. This festival is not only experienced by people of our country but also by people of the world. This festival is celebrated world-wide. Holi experiences a lot of things. Many people go out and play holi with friends and family. Usually this happen every year. On this day, a puja takes place which symbolises the win of good over the evil. This is a festival that is celebrated by all people of the world. Holi is mostly popularly celebrated in Mathura and Vrindavan.

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