Hindu Woman lynched for reporting Cow Slaughter

Hindu Woman lynched for reporting Cow Slaughter
Written by Abhishek Rana

A women hailing from Bangeluru was lynched by an angry crowd of 100, for reporting illegal cow slaughter. Nandini, after having spotted that some people were slaughtering cow, which is Illegal, was then beaten and trashed by people when she tried to raise concern over it and report to the police. The incident happened in the jurisdiction of Roshan Baig and has now created a lot of outrage on social media because of the brutality with which people beat Nandini for opposing a crime. People are now rightfully asking if the police is going to do something for the victim and catch those who are responsible for his atrocity.

As the authorites have yet to catch the people, but people on social media are accusing the government of letting this happen to a woman and also saying that the Police, instead of trying to help the women, told tipped the monsters, who then retaliated and attacked her. It is being reported that the police constables fled the scene of the crime.

It has been reported that the mobsters belong to the Muslim community, and people are now complaining that the woman who was attacked might have been saved if she’d been of the same religion.

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