High Security number Plate rule in Delhi, Change your plate immediately

High Security number Plate rule in Delhi, Change your plate immediately
Written by Abhishek Lohia

There has been a change in the rules for the residents of Delhi, which are related to Four Wheeler or Two Wheeler. If your car does not have a high-security number plate, be careful and take it as soon as possible. According to a report, the state transport department has planned to take action on bikes and Cars without high-security number plates. The Department of Transport of Delhi has fixed the deadline of October 13 for this. Even after the high-security number plate was not found on cars and two-wheelers, Rs 500 would be taken as a penalty, or the vehicle owner could also be sent for three months Jail.

These days, new two-wheelers and four-wheelers are already being used for high-security registration plates, while the old vehicles don’t have this plate. According to the Department’s estimation, approximately 40 lakh vehicles are those which do not have high-security number plate. These include both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. He further said that the process of changing the number plate will start from October 2. Now 13 centers have been set up where new plates will be installed. He said that a campaign will also be organized to make people aware about this, for which advertisements will be given in newspapers.

In 2012, the Supreme Court had ordered all states and Union Territories to set up high-security number plates before June 15 of the same year. In April 2012, high-security number plates were started in Delhi. The official further said that the Transport Department has planned to make it online for reducing the crowd at number-changing centers. For this, a software has been developed which will be working soon and people can apply online through it.

For this, 13 special centers have been created from RTO on which the number plate will be fit. The process of acquiring the new number plate will be launched online from October 2. You have to open the online link and enter the registration number of your vehicle in the link and then pay the fee. After this, you will receive a certain date and time, in which you have to go to the center and place a number plate. According to some reports, the price of two-wheeler number plate is 67 rupees and for four wheeler, you have to pay Rs 213.

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