Haryana Parking Situations needs your Opinion

Haryana Parking Situations needs your Opinion
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Today Parking is a major problem in Haryana. Vehicles are increasing daily people don’t have proper parking area to there residence area, school, and other places. People of Haryana park their cars or other vehicles on road only which create a long traffic jam. Proper parking plan must be needed for every city and town. Haryana State Government approved the amendments draft for Haryana Building Code-2017.

The Haryana Government said that in case of parking for plots situated in the residential plotted colony, no ECS is required for the 150 square meter plot size, 0.5 ECS for every dwelling unit for 150-250 square meter plot size, 0.75 ECS for every dwelling unit for250-500 square meter plot size and 1 ECS would be 1 for every dwelling unit having plot size above than 500 square meter.

Today Anuj Prajapati (social media influencer) tweet and ask for have a heart for state Haryana and want to look ahead the parking situation in Haryana State. He approaches to sign the petition with his tweet for the parking of Haryana as the roads are not meant for the parking. Everywhere people need enough space for parking but they are not having much space. Proper parking place is needed to keep the roads free from congestion and jam.

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