15 year old girl brutally raped and murdered in Haryana, another Nirbhaya shames Haryana

Written by Abhishek Rana

A 15 year old girl was brutally raped, violently assaulted and murdered. Her body was found along the bank of a water channel in Jind district of Haryana. Reportedely teenager experienced harrowing brutality, which is now being related to the rape against Nirbhaya. A foreign object had been inserted into the private part of the girl, which caused her severe internal injuries. Dr S K Dattarwal, who is the head of PGIMS Rothak, Forensic department shared the horrific details about the rape and murder of her girl, “In all, her body had 19 injuries — largely on face, head, chest and hands. Her lungs were ruptured, suggesting someone might have sat on her chest.”

Water was found inside the body of the victim, which suggests that she had been brutalized to both natural and unnatural means, and there is high probability that more than one assailants were involved in the crime. There have been suspicion that the girl died while she was being drowned.

“The girl was subjected to immense brutality. We have asked the police to provide us the scene of the crime report and photographs of the spot for confirmations,” Dr S K Dattarwal said.

The girl had gone missing from her village, that is situated in Kurukshetra. She had reportedly been abducted by a 20 year old man, who is missing from his village and has already been booked by the police. She had two siblings and was the oldest daughter in the family. Her family had refused to accept the body for cremation, asking for a probe from the CBI and monetary compensation from the Nirbhaya Fund. They accepted the body only after being assured by the Haryana Minister KK Bedi of help and compensation.

The news of the rape and murder of the girl has shocked people, who are now demanding an immediate arrest of the accused and severe punishment for their crimes.

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