Harhsita Dahiya 22-year-old Haryanvi singer shot dead in Haryana

Harhsita Dahiya 22-year-old Haryanvi singer shot dead in Haryana
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Harhsita Dahiya Twenty-two year old singer was shot dead near Delhi on Tuesday. As per the reports, she was attacked by some unknown person at the Chamrara village in Haryana’s Panipat district. And reports revealed that the incident took place at around 4 pm when Harshita Dahiya was returning in her car after her singing performance at Chamrara village along with three others. According to the sources, the two men stopped her car and opened up fire on her. Harshita Dahiya was one of the famous Youtube singers who was popularly known for her youtube videos.

However, police are trying to investigate her death. And also reported that Harshita has not engaged in any conflict with other. The Panipat DSP Desh Raj said that Harshita was forced to stop her car near Chamrara as black car overtook her vehicle. And when her driver came out of the car, she was shot by two assistants. It was reported that attackers have fired seven bullets out of which six bullets hit Harshita forehead and neck.

The police have registered the murder case at Panipat police station. As per the reports, recently she posted mobile videos on her social media accounts where she alleged that she was getting death threats.

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