Hardik Patel invites Nitin Patel to join PAAS

Hardik Patel invites Nitin Patel to join PAAS
Written by Abhishek Rana

The shocks from the Gujarat elections results are still reverberating through the nation and the triumphant BJP party itself, and it seems that cracks have already started to show in some of the relationship within itself. Now, the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti’s Hardik Patel has invited Nitin Patel to join his party, as he feels that Nitin has not been treated with respect from the BJP. The main reason for the apparent contrition in the party, is that Nitin Patel, Gujarat deputy chief minister, had three major portfolios taken away from him, mainly, finance, urban development and petroleum. This caused him to not assume office in the Sachivalaya in Gandhinagar on Friday, even though most of the ministers had already taken offices.

Hardik told the reporters today that he believes that Nitin should just join his party because he believes that the BJP Party has not respected a hard working minister like him. He spoke to the media at Botad where the Patidar is holding Chintan Shibir, where they’re analysing the poll results.

Further commenting on his claim, Hardik said that if Nitin is ready to quite the party and he can also get the support of 10 MLA’s and make them quit too, then, he is going to talk to Congress, and give him a respectable post. Nitin Patel, has said that he is going to think about the invitation.

The Gujarat elections became one of the most controversial elections in India, after the Ministers threw verbal assaults at each other, made claims about their personal traits and even accused them of being traitor to the Nation. BJP won the Assembly elections in Gujarat and Vijay Rupani was chosen to be the chief minister again.

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