Harbhajan Singh asks Chandigarh airport to be renamed Sheed Bhagat Singh

Harbhajan Singh asks Chandigarh airport to be renamed Sheed Bhagat Singh

Harbhajan took to twitter, to ask the authorities to name the Chandigarh airport to Sheed Bhagat Singh airport. He specifically tagged Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain. Amarinder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu. Harbhajan seems very determined and sincere in his hopes, as he also wrote that asking for such a request is very small, compared to the big contribution of the Martyr Shahid Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh is considered to be one of the most popular and enduring freedom fighter of India, someone who didn’t even fear death for the freedom of his country.

It is an important thing to remember people who have lost their lives for our country, and his name has become one of the most famous one for his sacrifices to India. A revolutionary like Bhagat Singh should have many things to his name, and Harbhajan’s request to name the Chandigarh airport to him is a sensible one. There has been no response from either Amarinder Singh or Navjot Singh Sidhu, but people have retweeted and liked his post more than a thousand times, so the two will definitely be reading his post and then answer him.

It is good that Harbhajan is interested in promoting things that are meant to bring the nation together, and the airport named after Bhagat Singh will also make others want to know about his story, his struggle and his ultimate sacrifice for the Indian people. There has been no news on how long this process would be, but people would now be anitiicpating the response of the chief minister of Punjab on the topic.

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