Happy Onam: Onam 2017 significance, greetings, images and wishes

Happy Onam: Onam 2017 significance, greetings, images and wishes

The festival of Onam 2017 is being celebrated today not just in Kerala but by all malayalis worldwide, joyously welcoming their new year. It falls in the beginning of chingam, which is the first month of the calender that the malayalis follow. This harvest festival is a ten day long celebration and is associated with elegant dances of various kinds, boat races, tug of war and other dynamic games, melodious folk songs and merry making. The last day is known as Thiruvonam and is the most significant out of all the 10 days. The lavish Onam feast known as the Onam Sadhya is a lip smacking meal not just enjoyed by the local people but everybody else too.

As per mythology, Onam festival is celebrated to welcome the mighty asura King Mahabali from Pataal Lok and it’s said that his spirit visits Kerala at this time of the year. This was because, as a reward for all his good deeds, God had granted him a ‘vardaan’, that he could visit his people once a year. The folklore tells a tale of Kerala witnessing it’s best times in terms of prosperity, happiness and peace during the the reign of Mahabali. Therefore on Onam, the people of Kerala welcome their beloved King into their homes every year with fresh flowers i.e ‘pookalam’, a dance by malayali women involving clapping and the delicious Onam Sadhya.

Let’s take a look at some Onam wishes from celebrities on twitter:

Ever wondered what the Onam Sadhya comprises of ? Let’s give you a breakdown of what goes onto the banana leaf in this multi-course vegetarian lunch meal. The usual items include banana (sometimes coated in jaggery) and yam crisps, different kinds of pickles, chutneys made out of tamarind and ginger, khichadi and pachadi based in yoghurt, stir-fried vegetables with coconut grated on top, mixed veggies cooked in gravy, avial, black chickpeas curry with the staple sambhar, rasam and rice. The beverage that goes best with this is spiced buttermilk.


Onam Sadhya

Onam festivities in India:

Onam Celebrations

Onam festivities

Onam in Kerala

Onam festivities in India

Newsfolo wishes all its readers, A very happy and prosperous Onam.

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