Hafiz Saeed released from house arrest

Hafiz Saeed released from house arrest
Written by Abhishek Rana

Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind behind the Mumbai attacks and the leader of the terrorist group Jamaat-ud-Dawah, has been released from the Pakistani House arrest and will be able to venture outside from Thursday. Judges from Lahore High Court rejected the appeal for the extention of his house arrest. “The government is ordered to release JuD chief Hafiz Saeed if he is not wanted in any other case,” they told the lawyers who had made the appeal. Saeed is now free to walk anywhere, unless there is any other case made against him, which doesn’t seem to be happening. However, his release could lead to the breach of some international rules, given that he is a wanted criminal who masterminded the terrorist attack on Mumbai.

Saeed, along with his aids, Abdullah Ubaid, Malik Zafar Iqbal, Abdul Rehman Abid and Qazi Kashif Hussain were taken into house arrest on 31 January and two extentions have already been made to keep him arrested, but they were made under the “public safety” laws. The other four aids have already been set free when the court had no grounds to extend their arrests.

It is now a waiting game for the government to see if they can arrest Saeed based on another case, or will have to finally let him free.


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