Gurugram Judge Family Murder Case at Arcadia Market; Guard Felt He Was ‘Possessed’ When He Shot

Gurugram Judge Family Murder Case at Arcadia Market; Guard Felt He Was ‘Possessed’ When He Shot

In Gurugram, a judge’s wife and son were shot by their own security guard. Both (Wife and Son) critically injured were admitted to a private hospital in Gurujram. Where the wife Ritu (38 years) died late in the night. At the same time, son Dhruv (18 years) is in serious condition. Gurujram police arrested the accused Gunman Mahipal in this case. The police have been formed to investigate the entire matter. Which includes 2 ACPs and 4 inspectors led by DCP Sulochana Gajraj. Mahipal had shot Dhruv, son of the judge Srikant (additional district judge), one shot at the head, throat, and shoulder and three to his wife. Mahipal was posted in the security of the judge for last one and a half years.

Gurugram Police Commissioner K.K. Rao confirmed that Ritu Kant, 37, died on Saturday around 10:30 p.m. at Medanta Hospital. She was hit in the chest and abdomen. The bullet injury in the chest had punctured her lung leading to clotting of blood. Her son Dhruv, who was hit twice in the head and once in the shoulder, continues to be critical.

Gurugram Murder Case 2018

Gurujram Police Commissioner KK Rao had yesterday told that the incident was from Sector 49. A senior police official said that the primary report said that security guard Mahipal Singh fired on the woman and her son.

It has been revealed in the investigation that the accused gunman was disturbed by the behavior of mother-son and wanted to teach them a lesson. The accused only called the other members of the judge’s family and informed about the incident and told them to reach the spot.

18-years-old Judges’son Dhruv has been referred to Medanta Hospital, where his condition remains worrisome. Police Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) Sulocha Gajraj said that Mahipal has been arrested. Proof of forensic team has been collected on the spot.



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