Gurmehar said My father is a Martyr and I’m his daughter, not your “Martyr’s Daughter”.

Gurmehar said My father is a Martyr and I’m his daughter, not your “Martyr’s Daughter”.
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Gurmehar Kaur student of Lady Shri Ram College, has been in the news since past three months for protesting against the Ramjas College violence and challenging ABVP is now back again with a question ‘Who am I?’. She answered this question with her own belief and quoted in her blog that, “My father is a martyr. I am his daughter. But, I am not your ‘Martyr’s Daughter’”. She was trolled for saying that “War had killed her father, not Pakistan”. While many people in the country supported her.

She posted on her Twitter handle with more than 54,000 followers, says that she could have answered the question: “Who am I?” without any inhibitions or wariness till a few weeks ago, but now she was not so sure. She raised various questions on her blog on “Who am i?”

“Am I who the trolls think I am?

Am I what the media portrayed me as?

Am I what those celebrities think of me?

No, I can’t be any of that. That girl you saw flashing all over your television screens, holding a placard in hand, eyebrows raised, gaze fixed at the tiny round lens of a cellphone camera, definitely looked like me. The intensity of her thoughts that reflected in the picture definitely had traces of me. She looked fiery, I relate to that but then the ‘Breaking news headlines’ told a different story. The headlines were not me.”

She ends her blog with such beautiful lines “My father’s a martyr but I don’t know him as that. I know him as the man who wore big cargo jackets with pockets full of sweets, whose stubble scratched my nose every time he kissed my forehead, teacher who taught me how to sip from a straw and introduced me to chewing gum. I know him as my father. I also know him as the shoulder my tiny self clung to extremely tightly hoping if I held him strongly enough he won’t go. He went. He just didn’t come back.

My father is a martyr. I’m his daughter.


I am not your “Martyr’s Daughter”.”

After this blog her twitter is filled with many encouraging and supportive comments of people. They supported her not because of she is Martyr’s daughter or she missed her Father. They supported her because she is fighting for own battle confidently. She is inspiration for today’s youth of our country.

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