Gujarat, Dahod: Farmer killed while protesting at Police station

Gujarat, Dahod: Farmer killed while protesting at Police station

A farmer was shot dead in Dahod, Gujrat, during a protest because of an alleged death of a resident of the village. The crowd at the police was protesting about police negligence when violence broke out and there was violence, which caused the police to begin firing at the people and resulted in the death of the farmer. Kanesh Gamara,31, had been called in for interrogation regard the allegations of dacoity, but he died after an hour later he was released and this spiked the anger of the villagers, who began attacking the police station and the policemen because they told them that the death was an accident.

The details of the damage done to property and people are still incoming but the death of the farmer, has further aggravated the crowd and it seems that additional forces will be needed to resist their wrath from getting any worse.

The farmer who died has a wife and six children. A few policemen were also injured during the assault and there have been attempts to calm the situation so that the people can be apprehended and the culprit involved in the shooting of the farmer should be answerable for his action and use of arms during the protest.

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