Gujarat Rajya Sabha MLA elections to be held after two days and everyone is trying to politicise it. Recently the senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel has inculpated the BJP of being an unprecedented witch hunt just to win one Rajya Sabha seats. While on the other hand, the Tax official raided multiple properties that are linked to DK Shivakumar who is the top minister of Karnataka. He is hosting the party legislator from Gujarat to avoid a break in their ranks ahead of close Rajya Sabha election. The minister DK Shivakumar has been looking after the Gujarat legislators since the MLA’s were sent to Bengaluru resort that is owned by his brother on Saturday.

The senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel tweeted that “after using state machinery and every other agency, now these I-T raids show their utter desperation and frustration”. Whereas on Wednesday the Congress moved to the Supreme Court for seeking to ban the NOTA option i.e, None of the above option vote in the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections. And then a day earlier the Congress also requested the election commission to remove Nota for the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections. However, the election commission has issued no order against Nota. The congress went to supreme court today to try and stop the use of the NOTA the None of the Above option in the Rajya Sabha polls next week.

In the Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls, MLA’s have to show their ballot paper to the party agent before putting it in the ballot box. And the Congress has challenged the election commission notification for allowing the None of the Above options in Gujarat Rajya Sabha election in the Supreme Court that will hear the case tomorrow. The senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel is trying for his fifth re-election to the Upper House of Parliament from Gujarat.

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