Gujarat Rajya Sabha election 2017: Votings ends, Congress MLA cross-votes

Gujarat Rajya Sabha election 2017: Votings ends, Congress MLA cross-votes

Gujarat Rajya Sabha election 2017 polling is now ended. And here are some twists and turns that have been noticed in the elections of Rajya Sabha at least one out of the 44 Congress MLAs voting for the BJP instead of Ahmed Patel. And it depicts that the MLA’s locking policy of Congress that played over the last few days for keeping MLA’s safe in the Karnataka’s resort has failed. However, Ahmed Patel has got one vote each from both NCP and JD(U).

Whereas on the one side BJP that has nominated party president Amit Shah and Textiles minister Smriti Irani to elect for the Rajya Sabha of Gujarat in today’s polling that has become a competitive battle for the Congress party’s Ahmed Patel and former Congress leader and chief whip Balwantsinh Rajput. While Ahmed Patel is very confident of victory as he said that the numbers favoured the Congress. This is for the first time in over two decades when there is a contest for the Rajya Sabha seats in Gujarat. And there are three seats in Rajya Sabha on offer. The BJP has 120 MLA’s from the 182 members of the Assembly while the Congress has down from 57 legislators to 51. As the six MLA’s of Rajya Sabha Gujarat has resigned from the party and each candidate needs 45 votes to win.

Ahmed Patel said that one Congress leader cross-voting will not affect the outcome of the result and he will secure a victory. And JDU casts against Ahmed Patel along with NCP. As per the sources, Ahmed Patel has got through with 43 Congress votes + 1 NCP +1 JDU = 45 votes. While BJP has 61 BJP MLAs to cast a vote. And there are over 70 per cent voters who believed that Ahmed Patel will not be going to re-elected in the Gujarat after the polls. And this will get to know when they will come after polling.

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