Gujarat rains, IMD issues red alert warning for heavy to very heavy rains

Gujarat rains, IMD issues red alert warning for heavy to very heavy rains

Monsoon arrived in Gujarat and Bihar yesterday, and both states experienced heavy lashes of rain on the first day. IMD has put out a red alert for Heavy rains to Very Heavy rains in Gujarat, and Sikkim, West Bengal regions. It has however, that Mumbai should experience from some relief today, as the assault rains are going to weaken, but is still continue in the Suburban areas. Some regions in Gujarat are already flooded, which has caused much distress for people, as they can’t transverse traffic because the roads are flooded and clogged, the vehicles aren’t able to  reach the destinations.

The floods have also caused damage to human lives, as reports suggest 4 people have died in accidents related to the extreme raining and flooding in different areas in the state. Schools, Colleges, and other educational institutions have been closed because of extreme weather, and the danger of students being affected by the rains.

Navsari, Vadodara, and Surat have experienced flooding in cities, which has led people to flee to upper sides, and ask for help from the government authorities. The reason for the torrential rains has been the cyclonic circulation over North and South Gujarat, and the areas are expected to be drenched for at least a day. The coastal belt in Saurashtra and South Gujarat is also going to suffer from torrents for 24 hours, until things are under control. The weather conditions have made people take extreme actions and has made life difficult, as it is not reliable when it is going to grow worse and they have to prepare if there is any kind of emergency. People are advised not to venture outside in heavy rains, and not to take difficult journeys because there is a high risk of accidents during the weather. It is best to wait in their homes for the worst to pass.


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