Gujarat legislative assembly elections 2017: Smriti Irani comments on Congress

Gujarat legislative assembly elections 2017: Smriti Irani comments on Congress

Smriti Irani has commented on BJP’s outstanding performance in the Gujarat Legislative assembly elections 2017. Smriti, while talking to a bunch of reporters said that BJP’s emphatic victory in the state has made her happy and it was a surety that the party is going to do well because of all the development and other facilities that have emerged from the diligent work of the members. She didn’t seem impressed by the efforts of the Congress party, that incredibly still gave a fight for the power in Gujarat, saying that “Jo jita woh hi sikander”, meaning the one who wins is the only one who matters.

Smriti also praised the people who have been working at the polls for the election season, and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who campaigned  throughout the state and showed just how much his party had achieved.

Smriti’s comment won’t be last as other members of the party will join in congratulating the much sought victory in the state. There had been confidence from a lot of corners of the party that they will emerge victorious, but with Hardik Patel’s support to congress and Rahul Gandhi’s rallying cry that Congress is going to win the elections in majority had made some people skeptical.

However, the results from the exit poll had been indicative of the BJP’s domination. There had already been accusations made against the BJP government Gujarat of rigging the EVM machines and manipulating the voter count. Such accusations have been found to have no reason from the sources, and have as of yet been tacked on to the malfunction of the machines. Rahul Gandhi has been silent about the whole discussion and hasn’t spoken out about the inevitable win of BJP, neither has Sonia Gandhi contributed her words on the loss of her party.

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