Gujarat Floods : Congress accused BJP for sleeping over flood situation across India

Gujarat Floods : Congress accused BJP for sleeping over flood situation across India
Written by Karu Cheema

Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad today said that around 300 people have died in floods in Gujarat, Mizoram, West Bengal, Rajasthan and  Assam. He accused the Modi government of “sleeping over” such a mass human tragedy in the country. He stated that the flood situation in the country is alarming and about one crore people had already been affected. He also mentioned that government has been making perfunctory statements and have provided little relief after aerial surveys.

Azad mentioned that BJP government have been sleeping over such an enormous tragedy in encompassing India from east to west. Azad is a Congress Leader in Rajya Sabha, he said 82 people have died in Assam and have affected upto 25 lakh people. Azad also mentioned that 1,40,000 people have been displaced by the flood and over 26,000 houses are damaged. He states that wildlife species are under threat of floods and 80 per cent of Kaziranga National Park was filled with water in which 218 animals and 17 rhinos have drowned.

Azad said PM Modi have not yet visited Assam and the funds provided by central government for rescue operation and relief work are inadequate.He also mentioned that the Modi government have been more interested in hijacking opposition MLAs than providing flood relief. He said Modi had done a rapid aerial survey of the flood affected areas in the Gujarat state.

For Gujarat Flood updates, he said 128 deaths have taken place in the state Banaskantha district accounting for 49 and including 17 from one family. Azad also mentioned 200 villages have been without electricity and roads, including 5 national highways and 31 state highways, had also been damaged. He said almost 80,000 people had been evacuated from flood and many of them are still awaiting to be rescued. He also accused Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani for visiting the flood-affected areas five days after the district witnessed damage.

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