Gujarat Monsoon Floods : Ahmedabad receives heavy rainfall, death toll over 120 people

Gujarat Monsoon Floods : Ahmedabad receives heavy rainfall, death toll over 120 people
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Widespread floods in Gujarat’s western region, has killed over 120 people, while damaging over ten thousand cotton farmers in the area. According to reports in recent weeks, the torrential monsoon rain and floods have killed at least 300 people in western and eastern part of the state. With one day remaining marking current months end, Ahmedabad may break an 112 years old record of the highest rainfall in July since 1905. This year the northern and the western parts of the Gujarat has received heavy rainfall. It has received almost 828.2 mm rain against a normal level of 291.1 mm.

The flood in Gujarat has come at a particularly bad time for cotton farmers. There are more than 50,000 people who were struggling to drain water from their land and homes. This year aerial review of the flood situation in Gujarat especially in Banaskantha which faced the maximum fury of rains arose questions over Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is definitely one of the heaviest rainfall of the two years. Usually, the rainfall in Gujarat gets from either Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea. However this year Gujarat received heavy rainfall from both , which were active and caused a simultaneous low pressure over Gujarat leading to heavy rainfall.

According to the reports normally Gujarat does not receive such heavy rainfall. It was the way back in 1905 when Ahmedabad had received highest record rainfall of 952.5 mm in the month of July. Since then it hasn’t seen such a downpour in July. Officials said that this happened due to low-pressure areas being developed over the system emerging from Bay of Bengal that travelled across central India to reach Gujarat.

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