Gujarat BJP files complaint against Rahul Gandhi in Election Commission

Gujarat BJP files complaint against Rahul Gandhi in Election Commission

Gujarat BJP have reportedly filed at least 4 complaints against the Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi in Election Commission, for giving an exclusive interview to a new channel, when such an action is critically prohibited during the election. Rahul had given the interview just a day before the beginning of the second phase of Gujarat Elections. In the interview, he has claimed that the congress party is going to win the elections by a majority, because everyone, including the residents of Gujarat have seen that BJP has done nothing to elevate the conditions of living in the state. He also said that Prime Minister Modi failed to deliver the vision he promised to the people of his birthplace.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal has said giving an interview to any media outlet just before, or 48 before the elections is not permitted and he hopes that strict and appropriate action will be taken against him for taking such steps and disobeying rules that ares set by the election commission, which is same for anyone. It is also without any exceptions.

Election Commission has asked the news outlets that they should not show the interview before the elections, but there have been many sightings, and people are now speculating that it could very well leak now and spread onto the social media.

In the interview, Rahul Gandhi was seen speaking about the kind of inappropriate language that is used by the politicians, like Mani Shankar Iyer, calling the Prime Minister of India, Neech, or lowly person. On the subject, Rahul said that there should be some semblance of manners when the politicians speak against other political members.

A very strict action could be taken against Rahul, because it violates the code of conduct, Rules 126 RP Act, that has been laid out by the Election Commission, however, it is yet to be seen when the interview was taken, that is, before or after the second phase of the election was announced.

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