Greater Noida’s Grand Venice mall could be demolish soon?

Greater Noida’s Grand Venice mall could be demolish soon?

The Grand Venice mall, multiplex, and shopping complex (Grand Venice Mall) built in Greater Noida could be demolished soon. There is a big disturbance in the land allocation of this mall made in the Site Four of UPSIDC, after which it can be dropped. It is being told that allotment of land was taken keeping in view the rules. Surprisingly, the land on which the park was to be built. He was also allotted for commercial use. The inquiry commission was handed over to the then Commissioner of Meerut Division Prabhat Kumar and he has found many flaws in the inquiry report.

After the inquiry report was prepared, Prabhat Kumar has recommended the government to demolish the mall. So that the damage done to the department could be compensated. Apart from this, it has also been recommended to file a case against UPSIDC officials and builders. This mall has been prepared based on the architecture of the Italian city of Italians. This mall is made up of a large area. There is also the largest foot court of Delhi-NCR in this mall. There are 1500 shops on it and more than 1300 people can sit comfortably in a meantime.

Top Points of Demolishing the Grand Venice Mall

  1. There was the report of the disturbance in land allocation. The plot number is 37500 square meters in HS-03 site-4. The date for taking the bid for land allocation was 7 June 2006.
  2. The application was submitted to the Chief Manager UPSIDC Kanpur office
  3. Disturbing the whole land was allocated for commercial use.
  4. Then 3297 square meters of land was allocated to the same company on March 30, 2009.
  5. Investigations reveal heavy irregularities in land allocation. The inquiry report has been sent to Chief Minister and Industrial Development Commissioner
  6. Land allocated to M / s Bhasin Infotech and Infrastructure
  7. Out of 37500 square meters of land, 19112 square meters was allocated for the park



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