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The Great Goa Carnival 2018 Starts on February 10

The Great Goa Carnival 2018 Starts on February 10
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

The Goa carnival is round the corner and people of Goa are gearing up for the much awaited carnival in the state. Goa Carnival is the most amazing festival which celebrates the culture and cuisine of Goa on a large-scale. In Goa carnival large number of activities take place. Tourists indulge in feasting, merrymaking, drinking throughout the day. The festive mood is even more enjoyed by the huge parades that move the various streets of Goa. It is a four-day festival which will begin on February 10 and will continue till February 13.

This year both the Goa carnival and Goa food and cultural festival is together. Float parades in the four major cities will be held as for the February 10, it will take place in Panjim, Margao on February 11, Vasco on February 12 and
Mapusa on February 13. The Goa food and cultural festival will begin from February 9 and will conclude by February 13. The festival will also consist of musical programs, a line-up of food stalls, entertainment and a lot more events that will took place. The floats are an important part of Goa carnival, the floats are decorated with a specific theme. Live bands and dances are accompanied by the floats.

Carnival parades are arranged at other sub centers like Pond, Perne, Curchorem, Food stalls and Decorations. The festivities during Goa Carnival include dancing troupes, revelers wearing masks and costumes usually, electrifying music which is generally performed live, sports competitions, floats & parades and hedonistic pursuits like great food and drinking. One should book the carnival tickets and the accommodation before only. You can see a vast display of Goan culture, tradition, and cuisines. The four days of the carnival are full of frolic and fun and people enjoy it to the fullest. The state tourism department is actively involved in the carnival.


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