Google Go app launched to Speed up, India’s slower network

Google Go app launched to Speed up, India’s slower network
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Internet giant, Google is hosting its ‘Google for India’ event in New Delhi today, which starts at 10:15 AM. Google launched a new application named as, “Google Go”, with the aims to target emerging Indian markets for patchy and slower networks of internet connections. The Google go app appears to be a Lite version of Google Search but also have more functionalities. The company says about its new app in the Google for India, event, “Get answers quickly and reliably with Google Go, even on slow connections and smartphones with low space. At 5MB in size, it’s speedy to download and get started.”

US software giant said Google Go will be the default search app for Android Oreo (Go Edition). Moreover, Google announced the Reliance Jio Phone is the first feature phone to offer Google Assistant support.

After download, the Google Go app, the screen will suggest, to choose the secondary language other than English, you can choose the language you want. As the Google new app has launched in various Indian languages such as Nepali, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, and Gujarati. According to the software Gaint, the Android Oreo (Go Edition) is bringing the power of computing for everyone, also Google Go, Assistant Go, and Files Go make that experience richer.

As features of Google Go App, users to customise it as according to their preferences.  The homepage has various shortcuts to various Google searches such as search, voice search, images, GIFs, YouTube, weather, translate, and Maps. As for convenience for users, it also has shortcuts to powering apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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