Cornelia Sorabji, a first female lawyer in India was born 15th November 1866. Following her birth anniversary today Google Doodle pays heartily tribute to Sorabji who overcome all the obstacles in life to be India’s first female lawyer. She was also the first woman to study in the UK. In 1866, this lady was born in Nashik and got graduated from Bombay University after that she studied law at the Oxford University. And then she became a first female advocate in India also received numerous notable awards for her work. It is how she achieved this platform in her life.

Today, Google Doodle marks her 151st birthday and paid rich tributes to Cornelia Sorabji for her numerous achievement in life. She died on 6th July 1954 in London. And practised law in one of the prestigious University of UK. During those days in 1892 women were not awarded degrees at Oxford University. Later on, the rule changed eventually in 1922. However, in 1894 Sorabji returned to India and became legal advisor to the government for the purdahnashins women who were forbidden by social customs.

She vigorously fought for the rights of purdahnashins also earned a right to be trained them in nursing for providing them with an opportunity to work outside their home. As per the reports, today on her birthday illustrator Jasjyot Singh Hans shows Cornelia Sorabji in front of the Allahabad High Court.

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