Goa, Five people drown in Arabian sea, in Calangute

Goa, Five people drown in Arabian sea, in Calangute
Written by Abhishek Rana

Three tourists, a constable and his brother drowned in the Arabian Sea, from the Calangute beach in Goa. Fourteen tourists had arrived from Goa to the beach today morning. They decided to go to the beach as soon as they arrived in Goa, and walked down the Calangute beach that is located in the North Goa district. They didn’t see or disregarded the signage that had been put up a  warning about the shoreline and descended into the waters. It is not advisable for people to swim in the waters as they can be more tumultuous during dawn. The current of the water was so strong that five of the tourists got swept away farther into the water. Two of them tried and were successful in swimming back to the shore, while other three couldn’t survive the waves.

Pritesh Lankeshwar Nanda Gawli (32), his brother Chetan Lankeshwar Nanda Gawli (27) and Ujwal Vakode are the deceased. The authorities took the victims to the Candolim health centre, where the doctors tried to operate, but they had died by the time. The incident happened even after the Goa Government had put up a notice, warning the tourists and the local people alike, to refrain from swimming in the sea for four months, beginning from June. The beach is usually shut because of the bad weather during monsoon, as the waters grow even more unstable and it is possible that there could be more accidents if they go deep into the waters without any help or awareness of a party.

There have been some plans to plants red flags along the shore line to warn the tourists, who might not have the knowledge about the warning. To avoid any kind of similar incidents from happening. The bodies of the deceased people have been handed back to the people after the requisite formalities.

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