“Go to Pakistan” Youth humiliated elder muslim man in Delhi metro

“Go to Pakistan” Youth humiliated elder muslim man in Delhi metro

Delhi’s youth extending religious discrimination. As another shocking incident of religious discrimination get noticed in Delhi. A group of youth have denied to offer a seat to an aged Muslim man in Delhi metro, who hurled slurs and abuses at him over his appearance. The incident took place in the violet line of Delhi Metro where the young men turned down the request of a senior citizen of vacating a seat and told him to go to Pakistan if he wishes to get a seat in the coach. The incident came into view after women’s right activist Kavita Krishnan unfolded this shameful incident in her Facebook post.

According to the post, the National Secretary of AICCTU, Santosh Roy, intervened and came forward in support of the old man. When Roy asked the young men to apologise to the man, they refused and also held Roy by his collar and allegedly told him to “Go to Pakistan”.

Finally, when a guard entered the compartment at the Khan Market station. A complaint was filed at the Pandara Road police station where they were taken. A few days later, when Roy visited the police station he came to know that the elderly man had decided not to pursue the complaint.

“The elderly gentleman had given a written statement that he accepted the apology from the two young men and that he had forgiven them keeping in mind their young age,” Krishnan added.

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