Geeta Phogat slams Haryana Government for notice to share one third of athlete’s earning

Geeta Phogat slams Haryana Government for notice to share one third of athlete’s earning
Written by Abhishek Rana

Geeta Phogat, a Commonwealth gold medalist in wrestling has slammed the Haryana Government for the notification from the state’s ports and Youth Welfare Department which has asked Sportpersons to share one third of their earning through the endorsements. The notice was released on May 30, and also stated that the money is going to be utilized in the development of opportunities concerned with sports.  The notification states, “One-third of the income earned by the sportsperson from professional sports or commercial endorsements will be deposited with the Haryana State Sports Council. The money shall be used for the developments of sports in the state.”

Geeta has expressed her unwillingness to agree with the notice, as she that even though she doesn’t know if the notice has been implemented, or if the authorities are just thinking about implementing it for all sportsmen. It is agreeable to take deposit from sportmen who play Cricket, she says, but there is not much money in sports like Kabbadi, Wrestling and boxing, neither are there nay lucrative endorsement involved for them.

She also tells that giving away one third of their money is going to be very difficult for the sportpersons who play niche sports, because the amount is too much. Geeta’s sister, Babita Phogat has also expressed her opinions on the notice, saying that, the government doesn’t realize the hardwork that a sportsperson puts in their work, and asking for one third of their income in not justified. She also added that the government authorities should have asked the sportspersons before taking this drastic decision. Further, she said that she was saddened by the notice. To her it feels like illiterate people are making such policies. She added that the sportpersons pay taxes with the money that they win in competitions, and if such policy persists, the medal count could go down.

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