Fire broke out in Ganesh Hospital of Sahni Gate area in Ghaziabad causing threat to life to many people including staff and 45 patients. According to unsourced reports, it is said that a short circuit in the medical store built on the ground floor outside the hospital was the primary reason of the fire. The hospital’s building started burning due to the fire, people screams could be heard and several ran outside building.  Seeing the fire, people gave information to the fire brigade.

Six vans of Fire Brigade immediately reached on the spot to control the fire. It is being told that at the time the fire started, hospital staff and about 45 patients were present in the hospital, whose life was in danger. The hospital staff helps the patients and their relatives to walk out from the hospital during the emergency. Patients and other people were removed from the back door of the hospital with the help of the doctor.

Now, while keeping the preference of the health of all the patients in mind, they have been shifted to another hospital. In this accident, the hospital’s glass has been shattered and the building was badly burned. The hospital administration said that all patients and their relatives safely removed during fire accident.

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