Gautam Gambhir to bear education expenses of Kashmiri martyr’s daughter Zohra

Gautam Gambhir to bear education expenses of Kashmiri martyr’s daughter Zohra

Gautam Gambhir to bear all the education expenses of the Jammu and Kashmir’s martyred daughter Zohra. The Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir told the Kashmiri girl Zohra today with an emotional message that he can help her to live her dreams by supporting her education for a lifetime. Zohra is a daughter of the martyred assistant sub-inspector (ASI) of police Abdul Rasheed in an attack by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag. Gautam Gambhir posted an emotional message on his twitter that “Zohra I cannot put you to sleep with a lullaby but I will help you to wake up to live your dreams. Will support your education for a lifetime”.

Gautam Gambhir posted his message with a heart-wrenching image of Zohra in which she is weeping inconsolably at her father’s funeral ceremony in Srinagar. Now the Gautam Gambhir’s Foundation will take care of the entire education expenses of the Zohra as he announced on his official Twitter account. The DIG of South Kashmir had also reached out to the grieving daughter with a heartfelt message on the Facebook page to Zohra that “her hearts has shaken many hearts. They said to Zohra that you are too young to understand as to why this happened. Some people who attack the lawful symbol of the state and society are responsible for such violence”.

They further asked Zohra to be strong and said that “may almighty give us the strength to go ahead with our mission of rendering services for the betterment of the society”. In a long message a week ago the South Kashmir DIG blessed ASI Abdul Rashid and said that the police or the people will always cherish the memory of ASI Abdul Rashid as a true policeman who gave his life in the line of the duty.


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