The Gandhi Murder:Unfolds The Truth Behind the India’s Biggest Assassination

The Gandhi Murder:Unfolds The Truth Behind the India’s Biggest Assassination

After long waiting for censor clearance, finally “The Gandhi Murder” got the green flag. Earlier The Indian censor board was reluctant to approve the film release, However the green flag is such a relief for Producers and Film makers. The Gandhi Murder is introduced by Nugen Media production and directed by Karim Traidia & Pankaj Sehgal. This film story is quite promising and said to be based on true facts related to India’s Independent first ever assassination played under the political games. The story line of the film take us back to the tragic death of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Murder. The film boldly speaks about the the Gandhi assassination and how his life was under threat. You will witness in the film that how one tough decision led to choose between to save Mahatma Gandhi or our country.

The film starring the Late legend Om Puri in on screen prior to his death,Face of Avatar, actor Stephen Lang, Vinnie Jones and Luke Pasqualino.  This film will hit to near by cinema’s next year in January. Go join the journey filled with the facts of India’s biggest tragedy and hit to rock bottom of who really played a role in the murder of the great God father Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhi Murder conspiracy demonstrates dark side of political assassination followed by how India got divided on the basis of religion.

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