Four weightlifters died in accident near Delhi-Haryana border today

Four weightlifters died in accident near Delhi-Haryana border today
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Today, in the early morning four weightlifters killed in the accident on Delhi-Haryana border. As per the reports, the four were travelling on the Delhi-Panipat National Highway 1 where the accident took place at 4 a.m. near the Alipur Village of the capital city. The victims were the national level champion including the world champion. The reports are coming that the accident took place because of fog in the morning. The world champion Saksham Yadav who won a gold for India in 2017 in the weightlifting championship have also died in the accident.

As per the official reports, the police have taken all the injured to the Max Hospital in New Delhi, Shalimar Bagh for the treatment. According to the reports, the car first hit the driver and then crashed into an electric pole due to which car’s roof blown away. The police claimed that driver was speeding the car despite there was dense fog across the area. The weightlifters were travelling to Delhi from Panipat. Meanwhile, close to the Singhu border between the Delhi-Haryana border accident took place.

Nowadays, several accidents are taking place in Delhi because of dense fog and pollution. However, as per the reports, around three major accidents had happened near Delhi on the National Highways due to increased pollution level. These accidents are taking place because of the low visibility. As the dense fog, smog or increased pollution level in the area leads low visibility problem which led to the accidents. Its been almost three months since Delhi is facing low visibility difficulties. Earlier, because of the dense smog people are not able to travel on National Highways. However, the government has not taken any crucial steps to decrease the air pollution level. The dense fog led to today’s severe accident of the weightlifters which killed four of them.

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