Most followed World leaders on Twitter

Most followed World leaders on Twitter

Twitter is one of the greatest social media tool that has made connectivity easier than ever. It has made people connect with each other, and most importantly, news and information to reach people easily, rather than waiting for them to open television sets or going through news papers. Twitter following is an important aspect of the social media, and without doubt, the power of influence that it gives to the people is more important. Most world leaders have a strong twitter following, since they are the leader the public chooses, so its obvious that they will have a significant number of followers on twitter.

Barack Obama was the most followed political leader few years ago, but now, the current President of USA, Donald Trump has taken place on the number one position, with 52 million followers, while Narendra Modi, at 42 million, the Prime Minister of India, is the second most followed leader on Twitter. He also has an extra number of followers through the PMO India account, which counts to 26 million, overcoming the support given to Trump. Pope Francis also has a significant following on twitter, which totals to 17 million.

Joko Widodo, the president of Indonesia has 10 million followers, while, Emmanuel Macron, who has become more popular in recent months, has 2.2 million followers. However, controversial leader, and the Prime Minister of England, Theresa May, doesn’t even have 1 million followers on twitter, and has to make do with 555k supporters. Mauricio Macri, the President of Argentine, has a respectable 4.77 million followers on Twitter. It isn’t surprising that Narendra Modi and Donald Trump have the highest numbers of followers that are not even matched by some world famous celebrities, because they have been controversial leaders of the respective countries, but have had ardent supporters who have led them to victory and still hold them in high esteem.

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