Fog In Delhi: 62 trains and 17 flights delayed due to low visibility

Fog In Delhi: 62 trains and 17 flights delayed due to low visibility
Written by Abhishek Rana

A thick fog has enveloped Delhi, and now flights and trains going out of the capital have been delayed until it clears. 62 trains have been delayed, 20 have been rescheduled and 18 cancelled because of the density of the fog blurs visibility and the vehicles are not recommended to travel through it. Whereas at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, passengers had to wait for their flights because the fog affected the visibility and as a result, 17 flights were cancelled because of the weather conditions. In addition to the fog, the air quality of Delhi has not really improved much, and is still at the “very poor” mark.

Fog safety devices have been installed in the trains, courtesy of Indian Railways, so that the trains can work on their scheduled times and the passengers won’t have to wait for even more span of time.

Delhi has been assailed by dense fog for a couple of days and the Indian Meteorological Department has stated that there will be considerable fog today, with moderate level of fog on Saturday. The air quality of the Capital of the nation has not improved for few months, as the effects of smog and pollution has caused many difficulties to the citizens. The NGT had advised many measures to be taken to reduce pollution, like the ODD-EVEN scheme, but there has not been much positive affect and the Smog returned after a few weeks of absence due to pollution. The Delhi Government, on various occasions has been asked to moderated the situation, but until now, has been unsuccessful in controlling the pollution completely. It is yet to be seen what further consequences of the fog are going to be, but for now, it seems to have compromised the travel of many people.

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