Fire Breaks Out at Western Court in Delhi

Fire Breaks Out at Western Court in Delhi

In what is recent development, a massive fire is reported to have spread around the area behind famous Western Court building at Jan path in Delhi a little time ago. This is the second time a famous landmark is under risk from an inferno in the capital in last one year. The city lost one of its better museums, the Museum of Natural History last year in April only to fire. The fire took around six hours to be controlled and put out last time. As the incident took place after midnight, there were no casualties reported given that no one was in the building at the time.

However, the case is very different this time. The reason for the break out are not presently known. If reports are to be believed, an electrical short-circuit might have triggered the fire, which is presently being attended to by at least four fire fighting vehicles. The fire is reported to have broken out at the rear end of the building, in an empty plot. Nothing more is known at the moment about the accident except that the fire is under control. Whether or not there were any casualties of the accident is unknown, but we shall keep you updated as time goes by.

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