Female Passenger slaps Air India staff at IGI Airport, Delhi

Female Passenger slaps Air India staff at IGI Airport, Delhi

A female passengers slapped an Air India Staffer at IGI Airport, Delhi. The passenger was traveling from Delhi to Ahmedabad. The woman was then taken to the police for the investigation, as she’d slapped the staffer because of some issue relating to the ticket. The lady had arrived late at the airport, and had missed her flight as a result, then there was some argument between her and the staffer, after which they physical assault took place. However, the fight was then resolved by the police before it could turn into something more serious. The lady staffer also slapped the woman, after which the incident was report to the police, present on the premises.

Both of the ladies were medically examined, and agreed that they didn’t want any kind of cases against each other. However, a report was already filed about the incident.

There have been no further reports if any kind of action will be taken against the passenger or the staffer, but the incident has been criticized by people and the eyewitnesses who were present there. People have said that strict action should be taken against the woman who had the audacity to attack the staffer without any provocation.

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