Faridabad Sec-10 Blood Violence; Police arrested one accused, others are being searching

Faridabad Sec-10 Blood Violence; Police arrested one accused, others are being searching

Faridabad Sec-10 Blood Violence: The DLF Crime Branch has started the action against those, who were accused of hitting the youth by hammers and rods in the Sector-10/7 market on before this week. A person named Manoj son of Suresh, was accused in the Faridabad Blood Violence case, was being caught with illegal pistol and being arrested by DLF Crime Branch. In the interrogation, Manoj has confessed to being involved in the assault, he has arrested the accused for illegally possessing weapon and Violence. Inspector Navin Parashar, in-charge of Crime Branch DLF, told that Manoj has been taken on remand in the court. for arresting the other accused he said that the arresting of the other accused will be followed sooner.

A few days ago, a video of Faridabad Sector 10 market was viral, in which some miscreants of Nawada village were beaten by four hawkers, sticks, poles and ropes in Machchagar village. The four injured youths were admitted to QRG Hospital. The police has started searching to arrest the accused. Soon all the accused have been claimed to be arrested.

What was the matter?

On Tuesday evening, Bunty, Sheru, Tarif, Dayalupur’s Antu and two others were going with Tata Safari car. Seeing them riding in the car Omprakash and his friends followed them. When Machagar’s youth got entreated in Sector-7-10. In front of peacock jewelers in the market, then the Swift collided with the Safari in the main market. After the crash, the attackers attacked to the car with poles, hammers, belts, etc. The Tata Safari car was completely damaged. Swift cars also got damaged further. In this incident, Bunty, Sher, and Tarif were injured.

Omprakash, a resident of village Nawada (Tigaon), was going to his house on a motorcycle. He was going from Machaganj to his home. On the way in IMT, he stopped to buy beer in a liquor shop. After buying the beer, he asked for a glass from the salesman of that beer- shop, salesman started fighting with them on this topic. On this dispute, the salesman called the squabble and his companions. Machchagar’s resident Bunty and co. fought with Om Prakash. Om Prakash had also complained about the incident to Police Station. The police had filed a case of assault against them on behalf of Bunty. Since then, Om Prakash was sitting in a rage with the victim.

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