7 arrested in Fake call centre bust

Written by Karu Cheema

7 people have been arrested in fake call center scam case, where the accused use to convince victims of doubling their money, police said on Saturday. Romil Baaniya, Deputy Commissioner of Police said the mastermind of the gang, Pravesh Kashana, hailing from Loni in Uttar Pradesh was arrested on Tuesday.

Police during raids recovered seven walky-talkies ,two laptops, 12 mobile phones, registers and SIM cards used to commit the crime. The officer said  accused ‘Pravesh’ employed young boys and girls in the call centre and gave them contact details of affluent account holders.

“They were then asked to make calls to these people to mislead them that their money would be doubled in a short span of time by investing in a particular bond or insurance,” Baaniya said.

Following a 88 year old daughter’s complaint that he had been cheated of Rs 50 lakh by callers who promised him high returns, police flung into action. They found out that the money was transferred to nine separate accounts, many of which were opened on fake documents. Baaniya said that technical surveillance led to the arrests and that some others involved in the crime were being tracked.

Due to limited regulations , call centers in last 2 decades have mushroomed exponentially in India. As per reports Most of them are legitimate but few of them are suspected of malicious intent, activities which includes making bank-credit card fraudulent calls, illegal recovery calls, hawala calls etc. Government so far look clueless to impose rules regulating it as nature of BPO’s and KPO’s are diversified and the until the victim reports it to authorities , these bad clots remain in the whirlwind.

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