Tamil Nadu Government reduces entertainment tax for Cinemas to 8%

Tamil Nadu Government reduces entertainment tax for Cinemas to 8%
Written by Abhishek Rana

After tumultuous weeks of protest, the Tamil Nadu government finally decided to reduce the Entertainment tax (local body tax) from 10% to 8%. This might be a good decision because TFPC and theater owners had gone off on protest and declined to open any movies beginning from 6 October if their demands weren’t met. This will clear the path for Mersal to finally be released on Diwali. Vishal, president of TFPC, adressed the media by commenting that “Film fraternity is going to attempt to reduce the internet booking charges on tickets.” Even as the decision has been made, the ticket buying hasn’t started yet, which might be because the owners are still uncertain, which could be a problem for Mersal which stars actor Vijay.

The Multiplex Association of India had gone off for a strike earlier this month, against the Local Body Entertainment Tax (LBET) which worked under the Chennai government, and which has caused much grief and loss for the Tamil film Industry.

Hopefully, now that the conflict has been resolved, the two parties can peace and the theatrical work can begin, so that the movies can be released at least by Diwali so that people can enjoy their day by watching movies and don’t have to pay the price for this feud.

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