After the end of section 377 the way of LGBTQ dating App is easy

After the end of section 377 the way of LGBTQ dating App is easy
Written by Abhishek Lohia

After the Supreme Court judgment on September 6, Now India has been changed or not? The Supreme Court abolished the law that came from the British Rule and made the consent of gay marriage out of the scope of the crime. It will take time to change the thinking of the society, but after this decision, he will not be afraid of law all the time. Koyal said, “Law has become my shield now.” Quir-poet-activist Divya Durreja said that in the popular dating application for the LGBTQ community, Tinder and Okaypeepid platform offers a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Draja also questions on this kind of thinking that Tinder is a heterosexual (opposite sex trend) dating app. They say that it can be used according to its preference.

After the end of section 377, the way of LGBTQ dating App is easy

When Koyal M. came to know about being gay, she did not have the courage to face her mother. Slowly after the hesitation, her mother also started to understand them and strapped them. Kokal’s hesitation ended in the face of the mother, but it was not so easy for her to face the world. Kokal had to be scared of people with a glance and whispering voices when going for dating with a woman in public places.

She uses 10 apps and websites to find her favorite person and other quirks like her have been on tinder for years. Nonetheless, for the LGBT community, there are other risks on the use of online dating just like heterosexual people.

LGBTQ Dating App in India

Prior to the Supreme Court decision, the people of this community were very cautious with the people who were framed and collected money. At the same time, he was afraid of being sent to jail. At the same time, LGBTQ activist Harish Iyer says that the biggest fear is now to be revealed. Iyer said, “Like the heterosexual couple, they are also afraid of being exposed to the name because the family, others will know their reality too.”

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