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Election Commission: One Nation One Polls is not Possible without Amendment in Constitution

Election Commission: One Nation One Polls is not Possible without Amendment in Constitution

On one side, the central government is busy in getting the consent of all the parties for the assembly and Lok Sabha elections together, while the Election Commission has once made it clear that the simultaneous elections of the country are not possible unless the Constitution No amendments are made. Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat is on a tour of Madhya Pradesh these days. They are reviewing preparations for the state assembly elections there. Talking to the reporters during this time, OP Rawat said that the system of the country is not ready to held simultaneously elections. Together, elections are in the interest of the country, but for this, the system will have to first change and this change can be done only by amending the Constitution.

On ‘One Nation, One Poll‘, he said that there is no chance for this. He said definitely that the states where Assembly Elections are going to be held this year or next year, their election can be done with the Lok Sabha. But it is not possible to do this in the whole country. On the question of timely elections in Madhya Pradesh, he said that coming to his state is a proof of timing of elections. Chief Election Commissioner followed the meeting with Sunil Arora and Ashok Lossa, the state officials and political parties, discussed the preparations for the forthcoming assembly elections going towards the end of this year.

The EC has already denied the possibility of holding simultaneous elections. However, the central government is engaged in trying to gather an opinion from all the political parties on this issue. Senior BJP leaders are meeting with opposition parties to build their consensus.

Before this, Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat had said that the Election Commission is not in the condition of meeting the Lok Sabha and the assembly elections in more states than seven-eight states. Election Commission can held simultaneous elections in seven or eight states only. According to him, the commission has only this arrangement in so many states.

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