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What Election Commission is actually doing for the betterment of India?

What Election Commission is actually doing for the betterment of India?

How can anybody trust on this Election Commission? He earlier says that there is an important press conference about Election dates at 12.30 PM. Then it rescheduled it at three o’clock. And what a co-incidence that At one o’clock the prime minister Modi was doing the party rally. Was Election Commission’s press conference rescheduled it because of this? Whether the coverage of the rally or the announcement therein should not be affected? It is better that the Election commission should take its headquarters in BJP’s office only. It is also new and according to New India. The chief election commissioner will sit there with a party secretary post and decide the timing of the press conference accordingly.

The time of the country should not be wasted in this way. The commission should also declare itself as the BJP’s election in-charge. What does the difference Also give excuses to reschedule the time of press conference? There is something to say, so what does it say? This institution is constantly playing with its credibility. This is the case in the matter of deciding the date of the Gujarat assembly elections. By-polls elections were held in Kairana in UP. Code of ethics was applicable. The Election commission allowed the Prime Minister to do road shows.

What Election Commission is actually Doing in India?

I Do not know that how many government cameras were covered that roadshow. There is already doubt about the EVM machine. Today, for a rally, the Election commission has changed the time of their press conference and has indicated that we are no longer trustworthy, do not believe. If you sit down as a Chief Election Commissioner and if the people fall in the credibility of the institutions, then what will be the situation of this country?

It is, therefore, better for Election Commission to go to the new office of the BJP and shift their duties along with their views. And If they do not get a place over there then they should use that park, which is just opposite the BJP Party Headquarter. And after this, The owner will also know that his servant is too much hard worker.

What kind of people they actually are? I think they are not using their own brain or they don’t want to use it…. because Election Commission has enough power to degrade anything in terms of Elections. Then why is the Commission doing the gimmick of the press conference? Send the release to the Prime Minister, he will read in the same rally. Look at the public, they are not the puppets, who can be handled easily by any Political Party. Public decide the government and they(Govt) should respect this nature. 

Note— “Everything is happening under your muzzle, So stay alert and Use your brain Wisely”.

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