Egypt mosque attack in Sinai Peninsula by Militants, kills at least 235

Egypt mosque attack in Sinai Peninsula by Militants, kills at least 235

On Friday, Islamic extremists Attack in Egypt, assaulted a crowded mosque during prayers in Sinai Peninsula. According to Egyptian state television, about 235 people are believed to have been killed in terrorist attack. The Sinai Peninsula had a reputation of the Egypt’s most attractive places to visit as a foreign tourist which includes world-class resorts, rugged landscapes, and incredible diving. But a sequence of violent attacks in recent years shaken the region and given it a reputation as a spot of the terrorist attack. It will also be known that the Sinai Peninsula is one of the deadliest places for terrorist attacks.

Around 235 people were killed when gunmen opened fire and bombed a mosque in Egypt, and Government officials said 109 more had been injured in the attack. Images captured from inside the mosque showed dozens of bodies in blood and lined up on the floor of the mosque.

In 2015 bomb attack in Metrojet Flight 9268 after its departure from Sinai’s Sharm El Sheikh International Airport on Oct. 31, 2015, killing all 224 passengers. But Now, Sinai Peninsula attack on the mosque will become the deadliest terrorist attack in Egyptian history.

Egypt has been in a state of emergency for months, the military and security forces have been waging a tough campaign against militants in the towns, villages and desert mountains of Sinai.

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