Earthquake hits Delhi-NCR region with 5.0 intensity

Earthquake hits Delhi-NCR region with 5.0 intensity
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Earthquake hits Haryana and Delhi-NCR region, today in the morning at 4:25 am and the second time tremors were noticed at 8:13 am. The moderate intensity of earthquake on Richter scale is 5.0 magnitude and for other tremors was 3.2 magnitude. Rohtak district in Haryana was an epicentre of the earthquake. 5.0 magnitude earthquake hits Haryana district Rohtak and Delhi-NCR the National Capital Region.

Today, the second-time tremors were noticed in Haryana’s Rohtak region with moderate intensity of 3.2 magnitudes in the morning at 8:13 am with the Depth of 10 km.

According to the Meteorological department; The first tremors were noticed around 4:25 am in Haryana with moderate intensity of 5.0 measuring on the Richter Scale and the epicentre of the earthquake was Rohtak district with the depth of 22 Km. Tremors were also felt in Delhi and other parts of northern India.

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