Dust Storm expected in Delhi within 72 hours, warns Indian Meteorological Department

Dust Storm expected in Delhi within 72 hours, warns Indian Meteorological Department

Indian Meteorological Department has now released a warning for next 72 hours, that Delhi could experience strong winds and weather, after it was assaulted with a violent storm at night. Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are likely to experience thunderstorm, with gusty winds with the speed of 50-70kms. The storm at night was so violent that it caused the death of an eighteen year old man, while 13 people were injured. Trees were uprooted from their spots and the police stations got at least 78 calls from people asking for help, because the storm was quite unexpected for everyone, and no clear warning had been given to people so they could practice caution.

At least 80 people lost their lives, in the storm that assaulted the northern states of the country, with Uttar Pradesh being the worst, with 50 deaths. The Indian Meteorological Department has already released many many guidelines for people previously, among which the most important is that they should not roam outside while the storm is raging, and if they find themselves unable to reach their homes, they should run for a solid shelter.

They are also advised to stay away from electric poles and trees during the storm, as it is likely that they will be hit by lightening or, there is high possibility of trees being torn from the ground. They shouldn’t also use electric devices while they are charging, because of the risk of being electrocuted. When the storm has calmed down they are advised to help anyone who is in need, and to call the authorities if there has been a severe accident with people. There has been reports as to how long such fluctuations in the weather are going to continue.

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