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Dusshera 2017: World’s largest Ravana effigy ready to set on fire on this Vijaya Dashmi

Dusshera 2017: World’s largest Ravana effigy ready to set on fire on this Vijaya Dashmi

World’s largest Ravana effigy will be fire today on Dusshera or Vijaya Dashmi in Haryana’s village Barara, district Ambala, almost 70km from the state capital. It took around six months and about 5 lakh capital to make 201 feet effigy of Ravana. Ramleela club committee of Barara organizes this event every year. The estimated crowd this time would be 1 lakh. To manage such huge crowd it would be difficult for the government to maintain law and order situation on Vijayadashami. 70-80 members of the club bear the expenditure for Raam Leela event include effigy.

Place Barara is now famous in all over the world as its name recorded in Limca book of records. Chairman Tejender Chauhan of Ram Leela committee told that they already won Limca awards five times. Length of Effigy of Ravana in Barara increasing every year. In 2009 first time they make the largest effigy of Ravana, and in 2011 their name was recorded in Limca book of records for the first time. Then in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 continuously they made world largest effigy and recorded in Limca Book of Records.

This year they make about 201 feet long and 40 quintals heavy in weight, the effigy of Ravana. To make this largest effigy many cranes were used. The raw material used for the giant effigy required about 1000 kg of bamboo, 25 quintal iron, 2000 meters long cloth, 100 kg of paper, 100 kg sacs tots, and 100kg of twine to tie.

The motive behind making and burning such a huge effigies is to spread the message of victory over evil but government checks for such events.

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