Dubai, Chef Atul Kochhar fired from JW Marriott Marquis for Anti-Islamic tweets

Dubai, Chef Atul Kochhar fired from JW Marriott Marquis for Anti-Islamic tweets

Dubai Hotel, JW Marriott Marquis sacked Michelin chef, Atul Kochhar who was responsible for Indian inspired Rang Mahal in its premises for his Anti-Islam tweet in relation to the controversy involving actress Priyanka Chopra. But, even as he has been fired from the job, the hotel is going to continue functioning without his presence. The offensive tweet has been deleted, but, Kochhar had written, “It’s sad to see that you (Priyanka) have not respected the sentiments of Hindus who have been terrorized by Islam over 2000 years. Shame on You (sic).” The controversy rose because of an episode in Priyanka Chopra’s show, Quantico, which had a plot point that included Hindu terrorism, because of the showcase of Rudraksh in the hands of the attacker.

Atul received a lot of criticism for his tweet, which could be used to perpetuate hate for the actress online. He deleted the tweet and then posted an apology, saying, “There is no justification for my tweet … I fully recognise my inaccuracies that Islam was founded round 1400 years ago and I sincerely apologise. I am not Islamophobic, I deeply regret my comments that have offended many.”

It seems that the damage was already done, as Arab journalist Khaled Almaeena responded to his apology by saying, “You (Kochhar) have offended me..As a person who loves India its people no matter what their caste or creed. As a secular and liberal, it truly is a horror statement.”

He then posted another, longer apology on twitter, and stated, “I would like to apologize unreservedly to My Muslim friends, the Islamic community, and everyone I have offended with my recent tweets. They were insensitive and wrong. My work and my restaurants are defined by a passion to unite cultures through food and understanding. I have let myself and my colleagues down. I am upset and sorry for the pain I have caused and ask for your forgiveness.”


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