Donald Trump said Trump jr his son is open, transparent and innocent

Donald Trump said Trump jr his son is open, transparent and innocent

The President of The United States Donald Trump has said on twitter that his son is a great person who loves his country after Donald Trump Junior revealed emails on twitter, containing details of his meeting with a woman he was told a Russian government lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June last year who had impeaching documents and information about Democrats candidate Hilary Clinton that could help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

In one of the emails on June 3, 2016, Junior Trump wrote that “If it’s what you say, I love it,” replying to the emails which offered him the documents against Hilary Clinton. While Veselnitskya said that she was not affiliated with the Russian Government and had not passed any information.

Legal experts said that under the law, collusion does not come under crime. While President Trump has already said that his campaign had no collusion with Russia. But under the Federal Election Campaign Act, it is illegal for a foreign national to contribute to a US political campaign. It is also illegal to ask for such help in the elections. So Junior Trump’s act could lead investigators to probe whether he violated Federal Election Law or not.

While Donald Trump has said that his son did a great job, lauds him for his transparency and innocence for disclosing details of his meeting with a Russian. He called him a “high quality person” and called the whole issue as “greatest Witch Hunt in political history.”

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