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Donald Trump plans to end work permits for H-1B Visa spouses

Donald Trump plans to end work permits for H-1B Visa spouses

The Trump administration is planning not to allow the spouses of H-1B visa holders to work legally in the US. The Top federal agency officials give this information. This will be a step that will hurt and affect the work/job of thousands of Indians. By eliminating Barack Obama’s facility, more than 70,000 people may have an impact on those H-4 visa holders, who have a work permit. The H-4 visas are usually issued for life partners (spouse) of H-1B visa holders. H-1 visa holders are those people who were appointed by American companies for the area where there is a considerable lack of American professionals. 

Donald Trump has started working on American First policy since becoming president. One of the major rules issued by the Obama Administration in 2015, allows work permits for those who can be employed anywhere, while H-1B visa holders apply for permanent residence. This is a process that can take a decade or more. Trump administration is planning to end this provision. The Trump government is planning to end this provision. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) director Francis Sisna said in a letter sent to Senator Crooke Grassley that at the end of this summer, formal order related to this would be given.

What is H-1B Visa

H-1B Visa is known as Professional Visa; it is provided to Professional employees who have a Bachelor degree and non-resident of America,  are eligible to apply for this visa. For getting this VISA, an employer has to inform the US Govt that they will get so much salary for the post.

More than 70,000 H-4 visa holders will be affected who got a work permit during the Barack Obama’s Government. The life partner of the  H-1B visa holders will also be affected. A large number of these are skilled Indian professionals. They got this work or work permit through a special order issued during the Obama administration’s tenure.

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