Donald Trump being investigated by the special counsel for Obstruction of Justice

Donald Trump being investigated by the special counsel for Obstruction of Justice

President of America, Donald Trump, is reportedly being investigated for possible obstruction of justice by the special counsel, according to US media. Donald Trump, allegedly has obstructed investigation on Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. This is the first investigation against Trump since his inception as ruling president of America. US media reported that the federal investigation on Trump’s campaign ties with Russia during the 2016 election campaign, which was being overseen by Robert Mueller, has now expanded into obstruction of justice due to his alleged intervention in blocking the enquiry.

The allegations apparently focuses on Trump’s efforts to encourage former FBI director James Comey to drop an investigation against former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The reported expansion of the investigation began after speculation of Robert Mueller was expected to get fired by the president of United States, rumours were rife after television appearance by Trump and Chris Ruddy , saying that terminating the special counsel might be an option. Although the deputy attorney general who would be responsible for making such a decision told senators that there was no such secret plan to sack Mueller.

The Donald Trump expected loyalty and allegedly told Comey that he hoped if comey could drop an investigation on a former top aide. According to several leading legal experts around the globe, statement by Comey is enough to initiate an inquiry due to Obstruction of Justice.

James Comey, former FBI director confirmed telling Trump on three occasions that he was not under investigation. President hasn’t faced criminal prosecution yet,  but obstruction of justice could form the basis for an impeachment. Any step towards investigation might face a hurdle as it would require an approval by the House of Representatives of U.S. which is under control of Republicans.

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