Donald Trump Blasts Media, Republicans, Hillary Clinton As Healthcare Bill Falls Through Senate

Donald Trump Blasts Media, Republicans, Hillary Clinton As Healthcare Bill Falls Through Senate
Written by Aiman

Donald Trump, embattled by the stream of scandals rocking his administration, tried to hit back on Twitter today with a barrage of tweets lashing out at Senate Democrats and the Special Counsel appointed to probe Donald Trump’s ties to the Russian meddling in the US presidential elections. The healthcare reform bill that collapsed this week was largely taken as testament to Trump’s inability to work with his own party to implement policies that he wants as the Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill fell apart when two more Senate Republicans withdrew their support for a bill, making it a total of four of 52 Republicans against the bill, in a 100-member Senate. Short of the numbers, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell proposed a repeal-only bill that was met with even greater resistance from his party Senators. The bill had come under wide-ranged criticism because of CBO forecasts of tens of millions of people going uninsured in the new regime, as well as premiums going up for the elderly.

Earlier last week, Donald Trump Jr. had released email correspondences that showed clear evidence of collusion with Russian government authorities. The release of the emails on Twitter brought home one of the most serious scandals to the Trump White House, with many critics vindicated over months of allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian authorities who hacked the DNC servers to help the Trump campaign. Trump hit out today in his tweets at the Attorney General and Special Counsel Robert Mueller questioning why nobody bothered to look at “33,000 emails” by Hillary Clinton, as well as her ties to Russia, that included “Podesta company, Uranium deal, Russian Reset, big dollar speeches etc.” The rant went on to include “Comey crimes”, a vague reference to the Comey memos that contained classified information. Trump has alleged that the memo Comey leaked to the press through a friend contained classified information, although investigating agencies have failed to back up the allegation. What they do claim is that some of the Comey memos contain classified info, but not the one he leaked.

With Mueller recently announcing that he has extended his probe to include Trump’s ties to Russia, and the recently revealed emails of Don Jr. certainly to impact the probe, the dust seems to be barely settling on the old scandals as the new ones keep piling up. Trump’s failure to bring in a healthcare reform bill will mean that his plans to bring in tax reform bills and the infrastructure bill will be delayed too, and that may be bad news for Republicans who will be up for re-election during the midterms.

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